Digital Media Journey

Before the Digital Media Marketing course at GBC, I had heard about “Performance Marketing” during my work. I knew how essential it is, but in our class, with Professor Wendy, she published that we have a presentation with Mr.Paul Michel; I was more excited to read more about it since I am a big fan of Luxury brands and their marketing.

Who is Paul:

Sr. Performance Marketing Manager at Harry Rosen, Paul Michel. Paul started his journey in Canada as a co-op with Blackberry and General Motors. He started as a Digital Media Intern at the Aber Group; he worked as an Account Coordinator, Account Strategist, and Account Manager. Moreover, he went to work on the client-side for Harry Rosen. Now, he currently works as a Senior Manager with Harry Rosen.

I attended his presentation; it was great to know what happened during Covid for some businesses; furthermore, he talked about the challenges that traditional companies impacted by Covid-19 and how they handled their challenges and improved theirs.

2020 is quickly emerging to be a fantastic year!!!—the most difficult in modern history for brick-and-mortar retail.

Shoppers spend more money in stores than online because physical stores are more likely to spur spontaneous purchases, significantly when people cut back on their outings. Customers are exposed to a variety of products. Items in stores might be challenging to sift through in an online…Based on Paul’s presentation Harry Rosen changed retail and gained a new client by changing their way. It is obvious how online sales started and increased their clients and sales. In my opinion, winners are companies who could match their market with society’s occurrence.

In Paul’s presentation, the role of a digital marketer involves more focusing on online markets or how to create campaigns and Digital Media KPIs.

He mentioned to us that knowing and understanding our audience is more important. The most critical factors were the vision of performance marketing and the digital philosophy of relevance. Paul also presented about working with the client and agency side.


Here is the Digital Media Journey At Harry Rosen based on his presentation:


Maybe you will ask how they are measured based on this presentation:

They measured success using digital KPIs: ROAS, Cost Per New Client Acquired, CPA, and CPL. Also, he presented that overall KPIs like Gross Sales, Net Sales, Gross Margin Percentage, Gross Margin Contribution, Share of Wallet, and Market Penetration can be used.

The Q&A part was essential to me since I had some questions about this journey.

Firstly, after this presentation, I understand how I can help change and improve one business. Every step can be very beneficial, and also, with this course and this presentation, I sever on my branding, which is I really would like to run my fitness and mental health brand. Now I know how to improve my skills to gain clients. I also learned about the responsibility of digital marketers in actual words.

To sum up:

It was a beneficial presentation. I would like to thank Paul for his presentation and giving us experience and Professor Wendy for this opportunity at GBC.