CSM: Costumer Success Manager / Hootsuite  

CSM: Costumer Success Manager / Hootsuite                                              Maryam Ashrafi


In week five, we had an opportunity to meet MR. Gar Concannon Senior CSM at Hootsuite. It was a great online meeting for me since I had used Hootsuite from the previous semester. When I learned about Hootsuite, it was wondering for me because I always had problems with time publishing. Well, I have four years of experience in digital marketing, but I used the other applications, which were they had bugs usually, and it was not user-friendly. User friendly is the most critical part of my mind, which I can focus more on my work.



Hootsuite is a platform for social media; this platform is for managing social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and the system’s dashboard-style user interface supports YouTube social network connections.


Gar Concannon

In 2014 he arrived in Canada, and he started his journey at Mediaocean as a Support Specialist and Product Trainer. From 2016-2020 he was Onboarding Manager and Key Account Manager at Xello.

After gaining experience, he started his journey in Hootsuite in 2021 as a Senior CSM

A CSM, so CSM is a customer success manager, but relatively new in a client services space, the CSM role at Hootsuite. Now, he works with 30 of the most prominent clients across Canada and the US.

He continued his presentation with an optimistic viewpoint, “I love working with my clients and enabling them to reach their own successes. I firmly believe that a bad experience is only a bad experience.” He said.

One sentence of him that I really enjoyed was about failure. “If we fail to learn from those mistakes, right, whatever it is you’re doing in your career or college or on any projects you’re working on. Learning from our mistakes is really important not only in our work but in our life.

By acknowledging our own weaknesses and where we need to improve, we can empower ourselves to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The exciting part of his journey was new challenges about social media and management, and social media campaign strategy was entirely new for him.

But he continued that don’t be afraid to take on new challenges when it comes to your career.


Who is CSM or Customer Success Manager? And What is CSM?

A CSM oversees a portfolio of customers given to them, ensuring they have the resources and tools necessary to get the most out of our solutions and accomplish their social media business objectives. He started his explanations in this presentation about his position with CSM; he also said success manager is an extraordinary title since success is different for everyone; it’s not always about Hootsuite products; it’s ensuring that the client is moving in the right direction and achieving their goals. Moreover, he wants to ensure his clients are successful, so it’s tough to understand his role if a client doesn’t know what they want to achieve; furthermore, he mentioned time management, that he got many client issues, so it is important to manage the time, and he supposes customer success management.

He continued his presentation about the Role of CSM,


I like the time Professor Wendy asked Mr. Gar Concannon about some of the challenges during his work. He answered this question with an explanation about how something can quickly happen. When someone has rushed to their work, he continued that unfortunately, with time and resources, it’s not always often to get to something as quickly as we would like. So the challenge for Gar was when a client was looking for a particular feature, but it takes time for six months at least, and the other one is keeping on top of competitors as well.

He also mentioned that it’s his primary challenge to keep on top of product updates.

An essential part of CSM is the key qualities of a CSM which include:

  • Tech Savvy (flexible)
  • Customer Focused
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Approachable and Friendly – soft skills are often more important than technical acumen
  • Time Management
  • Open to feedback Problem Solving

In the last part of the presentation, he also mentioned growing in Linkedin and shared some crucial keys

  • Optimize your LinkedIn Page
  • Attract Followers
  • Publish Engaging Content
  • Engage with your Followers
  • Measure your LinkedIn Success

At the end of his presentation, we had a case study, which was very fun and exciting; our case study was about Rocky Mountain Cookies, but the challenging part was about healthy cookies since cookies are not very beneficial, but on social media, they want to show that they are not very bad in our case study we focused on brand awareness which is very necessary for this brand we also created three hashtags for this campaign to show that these cookies are not very bad.

I would like to thank Professor Wendy and Mr.Gar for this presentation; it was beneficial for me since I could get a part-time job in digital marking, and I used Hootsuite for their social media.