Happy Smile Dental Clinic –

Happy Smile Dental Clinic is a dental clinic with manyservices, but the main and vital problem is they couldnt promote and showed their services on social media very well. For instance, some of these services are restorations, RCT, Restorations, RCT, Extractions, Invisalign, Braces, Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Botox injections, Nitrous oxide, Teeth Whitening, Gum surgeries, implants, kids dentures, and even more. The first plan that I created was to show and explain each of these services on DR.Shafaghi Social Media, and I tried to make connections with her clients. Secondly, we needed to improve the content on her website since the website was not complete, and people always had questions about this clinic. Furthermore, I tried to start analyzing her competitors in this location in Surry, BC.

At this point, and because of her viewpoint, she is looking for increasing impressions and engagement on social media, and secondly, she wants to improve her clients. She always mentioned that she has many clients, but nowshe needs to be more popular on social media.

When I started to analyze her content on the website, the most challenging part was to write 400 words or more to increase our SEO. Unfortunately, most of our content was less than 500, and she used google pictures for some parts of the website, so I collected our media like pictures and video to replace them.

On the website, we need to add one page for only kids since she has a lot of clients of kids, and until now, we dont have any content for them, but on Instagram, I created two reels for kids, which was 1400 account reach during one week and during four weeks I could gain 67 followers. To summarize, the proper difference between our competitors and us is organized content, and from my point of view, we need to improve it.

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