Strategy Valtech Journal -Jennifer Stoll VP

Jennifer is someone who thrives at the intersection of theoretical planning and analytics; she has over 20 years of experience delivering strategic solutions across a wide variety of industries. For Jennifer to understand her client’s challenges and market space she collaborates closely with them. 


Jennifer’s work has extended across B2C and B2B initiatives with a diverse range of client’s focused on,

  • Insight mining
  • Brand positioning
  • Integrated marketing 
  • Digital ecosystem development 
  • Multi-channel demand generation programs


Jennifer loves exploring problem spaces, running workshops, and connecting with others to elevate the status-quo and integrate new digital solutions, which makes a real difference.


Jennifer worked for:

  • Ryan partnership 
  • Val tech
  • General mills
  • Field trip factory 
  • Iris
  • Isobar



The strategy mainly mains to reach one or more specific marketing objectives in a targeted and achievable manner, but according to Jennifer, “ overall, strategy is about answering questions and providing direction and evaluating things from different viewpoints.” The most important part of this lesson was to understand the significance of strategy and how it can lead to the success of your company.  Jennifer also said “ although the essence of strategy should always be consumer-centric, using the same approach every time is not a good idea.


Strategist is about seeing the world from the consumers perspective from the world. As Jennifer said “ it is a desire to think from the customer’s perspective and add value to your business.” 


“The digital ecosystem is constantly evolving, but it will never be just digital marketing; digital ecosystem has always been a combination of content and digital channels used to disseminate it.”

A valuable content supports to produce an influence on the minds of viewers, develop in higher brand recall.


Jennifer showed steps using which can help create a successful strategy. She told us always start your strategy by asking yourself “ why are you doing that”. Its better to always understand your costumers perspective and occur with ideas to solve that problem.


Jennifer highlighted the used research to collect facts, the target is to occur with all the possibilities and consolidate them supporting an objective and then rule them out one by one.

Second step, operation includes the ideation i.e to add up all the ideas all together and make a proper structure. 

Case study 

After discussing the case study with my group we came up to the conclusion that we believe that we do need brand sites. We also looked at it from a health perspective as well because a lot of the items that were listed are similar to people who want more frequently asked questions. It would be harder to navigate by going to one website and try to get information, especially with different types of products. Getting feedback from customers who use certain products, seeing if they would even prefer individual branded websites or not looking at competitive analysis assessments. Activities we would do is personal research with the forums, as mentioned questionnaires feedback and collecting data. Pros of having these brands sites is again brand recognition, separate from the company building brand value and trust with existing and future clients and providing direct link for brand products and allowing for better contact with specific brands and for information.


To sum up, it was great knowing more / understanding of the significance of strategy and all the information I need to build as a digital strategist.